• 14.02.2023

The Pinnacles – wildlife guide

If you want to see iconic sights and adventures, start preparing for your trip.

This summer, consider travelling along Coral Quay to see the Pinnacles, one of the most exciting features of Australia's economic attractions. It's well worth seeing.


The Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung Coastal Park, located south of Cervantes and two hours north of Perth, is a popular tourist destination in Australia. Whether you're looking for adventure or a scenic holiday, there's something for everyone here. A trip to the Pinnacles offers stunning views of the turquoise coastline, crystal clear water, white dunes and wildlife-watching opportunities.

Nambung National Park

Nambung National Park is named after the word Australian, meaning "winding", which refers to the river that flows into the park and disappears underground in a cave within the limestone. The people of Nyongar utilised fresh water from the cave springs for many years. The park was established in 1994 by combining three reserves: an area of coastal beaches, coastal dunes, and flowering plants in lowland heathland and Pinnacle Ridge. It covers over 17,000 hectares and offers hiking trails, lookouts, caves and gorges.

An overview of what you can see

Nambung Park is home to a variety of wildlife, including native Australian birds, mammals, reptiles and fish. Some of the most commonly seen animals include kangaroos, emus, dingoes, black cockatoos, bobtails, sand varans and yellow-faced snakes. When travelling, humpback whales pass by the waters near the park, and sea lions and dolphins are often seen. Wildflower lovers can enjoy a variety of flowers, such as coastal wattle, acorn canxia, primroses, orchids and sea nymphs.


The Pinnacles are the most popular part of Nambung National Park. They cover 190 hectares and attract over 250,000 visitors each year. These weathered limestone pillars vary in size and height, some are 4 metres high. People come here to experience the stunning and awesome atmosphere of the Pinnacles, which have made their way to the flat desert landscape. They are often referred to as the "ancient guardians of the desert" and are labelled as some of the most picturesque and intriguing places in economic Australia.

The Summit Phenomenon

These formations are believed to be over 30,000 years old and are made up of natural limestone. They were formed after the sea receded, leaving behind deposits of shells and coral. Coastal winds eroded the surrounding dunes, exposing these structures to the elements and giving them unique shapes. The most common theory is that they were formed by erosion, but there are other theories, such as tree casts or roots hardened by calcium in the sand. Another theory suggests that rising sea levels formed them, creating caves that eventually collapsed.

The peaks are a unique and unforgettable sight that you should include in your holiday itinerary, regardless of how they were formed.

Visiting the peaks during daylight hours

Travelling to the peaks of Western Australia is a unique and surreal experience, whether on foot or by car. Both options offer different viewpoints depending on your preference. Try both options if you want to explore the region at different times of the day.

Walking and driving routes

The walking trail at Pinnacles Desert is 2 km long, starting and ending at Discovery Centre. It typically takes about half an hour, but most people take 1-2 hours to take photos and enjoy the scenery. The drive-through track is a 4.5 km loop suitable for most cars, although it's narrow and rough with limestone gravel. There are marked parking bays along the loop where you can stop and enjoy the sights at your own pace. The lookout platform in the middle of the loop offers views of the Indian Ocean and dunes.

To avoid crowds and the hot sun, visiting the Pinnacles early in the day is best. The Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and offers information about the rock formations. You can also book guided tours here. It's an excellent activity for families or solo travellers. Don't forget your camera to capture the unique views and wildlife in the area.

Pinnacle tour

Additional activities are available in Nambung National Park

Lake Thetis features stunning thrombolites, while Hangover Bay offers clear waters for swimming and snorkelling.

Enjoy a meal at Lobster Shack for lunch

When in Cervantes, visit the popular Lobster Shack for lunch. They serve fresh seafood and handcrafted cocktails on the patio. The menu includes locally caught fish like Western Rock Lobster and oysters and traditional options like burgers and fish and chips. The restaurant is family-friendly and even has a play area for kids. You can dine with your dogs while enjoying the ocean view.

Take a tour of the Lobster Shack factory to learn about the Western Rock Lobster industry. The tour shows the lobster's journey from pot to table. This industry is critical to Western Australia's economy. Learn about the processes of lobster fishing and export. Self-guided tour includes audio-visual guides in 8 languages. Visit the gift shop and purchase a freshly cooked Western Rock Lobster.

Explore the peaks after dark

When planning an overnight trip, consider visiting the Pinnacles Desert, known for its unique beauty. Although popular during the day, sunset is the best time to visit. The Cervantes area is also great for stargazing and Milky Way watching.

The place is quiet and a bit cool, perfect for great photos. Bring a telescope and a blanket for stargazing in a remote setting. If stargazing continues late into the night, it is recommended to book accommodation nearby. Cervantes Lodge is conveniently located just a short walk away. We recommend the Pinnacles tour if you are interested in an organised night tour.

The Cervantes Lodge is a great place to stay for the night

Finishing your Western Australia trip in Cervantes, Cervantes Lodge is a great option. After a day of walking, relaxing in a cosy place is nice. The Lodge is conveniently located close to Mount Pinnacles, just a 20-minute drive away. Cervantes Lodge also offers access to beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a peaceful sunrise before continuing your journey.

Cervantes Lodge, formerly Lobster Lodge, has recently been updated with a boho-chic style. The Lodge offers a clean, cosy interior with lighting to suit any traveller. With private balconies overlooking the ocean, the Lodge suits travellers with different budgets, from single travellers to family holidaymakers. Situated in a quiet forest amidst the beach dunes, it provides a tranquil atmosphere.

Visiting Pinnacles in Australia is a must for tourists and locals alike. Don't forget your camera and be ready for a unique sight.