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Success Stories

"Congratulations to our 2009 grant recipients. BUMPS is proud to introduce you to them and their lovely additions."



Just wanted to give you an update on our journey to parenthood. My wife is 23 weeks pregnant now. Everything is coming along fine and we are very excited. We are expecting a baby boy in the first week of September.

We are eternally grateful to you and your organization for this wonderful gift. Thank you for the great work that you do. It made a world of difference in our lives and I'm sure in the lives of many other families as well.

Muhammed & Farhana


Wanted to give you another update. Yesterday we went in for an ultra sound and found three heart beats... yes triplets. We had two eggs transferred and one of them split and we have two identical's and a fraternal. We have been told that the identical's have split well and are in there own sacks. The fraternal is not as big as the other two but they say all three are looking very well, have good heart beats, and are growing on track and normal. We were completley prepared for the chance of twins but were blown away when we were told that there were three healthy babies growing. We are stunned, excited, and worried all at the same time. Lyndi is doing well and is experiencing the joys and pains of being pregnant. She is happy as could be and it does me good too. She is 8 weeks today. We will be seeing a high risk obgyn the first week of Feb and will keep you up to date.

Thanks again for all you do.

No matter what happens, know that miracles still happen.
We are living proof of that.
Jason & Lyndi Whitehead

B.U.M.P.S helped us finding a light at the end of the tunnel in our current journey to become parents. It was a real blessing for us to learn that we were chosen as one of their grant recipients. Prior to this, we have tried to obtain financial assistance through various institutions without any success. B.U.M.P.S provided us with an opportunity of a lifetime by assisting us financially and be able to cover all the costs associated with one IVF cycle. We can't thank you enough for all the support you have provided us not only financially but also emotionally. Your mission to help prospective parents minimize the financial challenges associated with fertility treatments could be easily translated to giving also a prospective parent the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of becoming a parent.

Thanks again!
Hugo and Ana Cordova

My husband and I have been trying to start a family for over 4 years now and have finally been blessed with our little miracle thanks to In Vitro Fertilization and the help of the BUMPS organization. In Vitro Fertilization was something that we had been considering for quite some time but it seemed financially impossible for us to be able to go through with. There wasn't many financing options or assistance available to us. Our insurance did not include any fertility coverage. We searched all over for organizations that might assist couples with infertility options and were not able to find any. That was until we were informed of the BUMPS organization. When we learned that we could potentially be granted money to assist us with fulfilling our dream of starting a family, we began completing our application and necessary documents immediately.

Shortly after the application process, we were notified by BUMPS that we had been selected to receive a partial grant to assist us with the financing of In Vitro. We were beyond elated and extremely grateful for this gift. A few weeks later, we went through our first cycle of In Vitro Fertilization and were on our way to starting our family. On December 3, 20009, we were given the exciting news that we were finally going to become parents!

Today, we are exactly 13 weeks pregnant and are filled with more joy than imaginable. Our journey thus far has gone very well. Both our little miracle and I are healthy and progressing perfectly. We cannot wait to meet our new addition! The BUMPS organization has helped to make our long awaited dream finally come true and there are not enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation.

Yours Truly,
Justin and Susan Gelfand


Baby Halim in utero

Baby Boy Whitehead in utero

Baby Boy Zamora in utero

Laura Tudisco ultrasound (LEFT) Gelfand sonogram (RIGHT)

Kalina ultrasound (LEFT)

Baby Bumps

Lyndi Whitehead

Susan Gelfand

Zamora bump

Laura Kalina

Our Miracles

Baby Eliana Sloane Amram born 10/22/2011 8lb/1oz

Baby Jonas Whitehead - born 8/23/11 5lbs/13 oz/19in

Zamora Family: Baby Connor born April 4, 2011 7.2 pounds at 2:49 a.m.

Kalina Family - Baby: Angela Rose Kalina born October 5, 2010 7 pounds 14 ounces at 12:23 pm.

Susan Gelfand baby boy Bryce Nicholas Gelfand - born 8/1/2010 (5:28am) 6lbs/15oz/21in


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